Colin in Rome

Kiwi Marist, Fr Craig Larkin SM, has published the latest of his illustrated pilgrim resources "Colin in Rome, a Superior General at work" following the steps of Jean-Claude Colin in his five visits to Rome.

'Societas Mariae' social media page reports:

'The book proposes 4 pilgrimages through the streets of ancient Rome, each of them following the significant places Fr Colin visited during his 5 journeys to Rome.

The introduction of the book says: "What he saw, we can see today. The buildings and offices where he negotiated with Church officials still stand today. These stones of Rome can tell us at least a little of how in his five visits to Rome between the years 1833 and 1854 Jean-Claude Colin became a superior general, an administrator, a diplomat, a legislator, and eventually the founder of a Congregation bearing the name of Mary."

'Fr Craig comments: "One thing that has really struck me as I've worked through the two pilgrimage books was that by following Jean-Claude Colin's life in this way I got a good insight into Jean-Claude Colin as "a man who allowed himself to be transformed by God".

'He was truly remarkable, when you consider his origins, and then how he allowed himself to be changed, and to grow and to be expanded by all the experiences that God invited him to take up.

'Temperamentally, he could have withdrawn from such challenges, but he allowed the transformation to take place. So I've grown to see him with great admiration; and he's a model for all of us his followers to allow whatever there is in our human qualities to be transformed." '




Posted: Nov 28, 2014