Well and truly hidden!

The Marist community of La Neylière, central France, has celebrated the anniversary of Jean-Claude Colin's death remembering one of his favourite expressions 'hidden and unknown'.

Surrounded by extensive renovations, the burial place of Fr Colin is presently inaccessible, leaving the Founder well and truly hidden.

From La Neylière, Fr Ad Blommerde reports on the prayer service to mark the Nov 15 anniversary, highlighting the 'hiddeness' of the Founder at this time. (Click here for the 'en caché' booklet)

On his death in 1875 Fr Colin was buried in the grounds of the La Neylière until the construction of the present large chapel where his remains were re-interred.

In 1960 a commission of enquiry verified the Founder's remains and a new coffin was used. Remodeling of the chapel took place leaving the present gravestone (a replica of the original - except for a spelling error!) located in an adjacent, smaller chapel, which is currently undergoing renovation.



 The grave of Jean-Claude Colin by the shrine of the Blessed Virgin in the large chapel of La Neylière built soon after his death.  

Below: The original gravestone and the 1960 replica. (Can you see the spelling error?).  Further below:  The present grave of Fr Colin in the small chapel of La Neylière, at the beginning of present renovations.





Posted: Nov 21, 2014