Colin Cause: preparatory phase completed

On Sep 24 Sep seven boxes containing the documentation necessary for the reopening of the cause of beatification of Fr Colin were sent to the Archdiocese of Lyons in France.

With this significant event, the first important phase of the process comes to an end.


Above: Frs Larry Duffy (Vicar-General), Carlo-Maria Schianchi (Postulator of the Colin Cause) and John Hannan (Superior-General) with the seven boxes of documents, destined for the Archdiiocese of Lyons, France.


The general postulator, Fr Carlo-Mario Schianchi, has spent the past years in overseeing the preparatory work and in putting together the required documents.

He says: "The boxes pictured here contain the patient and precise work of some of our confreres: Frs Coste, Lessard, Fagan, Bourtot and Greiler, whom I thank wholeheartedly.

The books which we send out today have been produced from the '50s till today, and have titles we know very well: 'Origines Maristes', 'Colin sup.', 'Colin Fondateur', 'Conférences et discours du p. Colin', 'Autour de la Règle', 'Jean-Claude Colin - Descriptive Chronology of his life', 'Antiquiores Textus', 'Quelques souvenirs' et 'Entretiens Spirituels'.

Each of the seven boxes contains the same material. One is for the diocese of Lyons, three for the committee of theologians, and three for the committee of historians. Each of these will study the documentation and formulate a judgment from their field of expertise.

Now it's up to the diocese of Lyon to activate all necessary procedures for the further development of the cause.

The only work which remains entrusted to us Marists, is to accompany this moment with a special prayer to Fr Colin."


Posted: Sep 26, 2014