Biography progress

From Rome Fr Justin Taylor SM continues work on the official biography of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin. The book will comprise four sections, two of which are almost complete. Fr Justin reports:

'I'm at present writing chapter 12, which ends with the election of Fr Colin as superior general on 24 September 1836. That will also conclude part 2 of the biography. Part 3 will deal with the period 1836 to 1854, when Jean-Claude Colin was superior general of the Society of Mary.'

Part 1 of the biography is available on this web site, however subsequent sections will not be released until the completion of the whole book.


Part 1: Formative Years (1790-1823)


Chapter 1. Saint-Bonnet-le-Troncy (1790-1804): Childhood

Chapter 2. Saint-Jodard, Alix, Verrières (1804-1813): Education

Chapter 3. Saint-Irénée (1813-1816): Priesthood and the Society of Mary

Chapter 4. Cerdon (1816-1825)

Chapter 5. The Cerdon rule

Chapter 6. Attempts to establish the Society of Mary (1816-1823)

Part 2: Reluctant leader (1823-36)

Chapter 7. The Society of Mary begins (1823-1825)

Chapter 8. Mission preacher in the Bugey (1825-1829)

Chapter 9. The eclipse of Courveille (1826 and after)

Chapter 10. School principal and 'Centre of unity' (1829-1831)

Chapter 11. 

Chapter 12. ...ends with the election of Fr Colin as superior general on 24 September 1836



Fr Justin Taylor at work on the biography in Rome where he will be working until June. 




Posted: Mar 13, 2014