Bugey in winter

It's winter time in the Bugey, and we recall the pioneer missions of the Marists in 1825-29.

Renewal missions were possible only in the winter months when the farming people of the mountains were house-band.  The gallery of images depicts some of the remote places and rigorous conditions encountered by the first Marist missioners...  

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0114BW 04-6a-0213-Cusieux-3220114BW 14-6a-0213-Cusieux-213

0114BW 20-6a-0213-Bugey-snow-2350114BW 25-6a-0213-Lacoux-026

0114BW 40-6a-0213-La-Balme-2380114BW 37-6a-0213-Lacoux-097


Posted: Jan 14, 2014