Bugey under snow

To date, the web page 'Bugey missions'  in the 'LIFE OF J-C COLIN' shows the Bugey mountains mostly in spring.  Thanks to help of Marist Sister, Teri O'Brien SM, our webmaster was able to access many of the original Bugey mission parishes in the rigour of winter when the pioneer missions were preached, 1824-29.

Sr Teri's intimate knowledge of Bugey geography and history is matched only by the hospitality of 'Bon Repos', Belley.  Some winter images will eventually appear on this web site. Thank you, Sr Teri!



Above:  Sr Teri near Lac Des Hopitaux, where Fr Colin's coach fell into the water;  Sr Teri with co-worker, Simon Mathieu and the-kind-lady-with-the church-key at Serrieres de Briord;    the church at Innimont;     footsteps in the Bugey snow.

Posted: Feb 25, 2013