Sure foundation: teaching of Jean-Claude Colin

After reflecting with the international leaderrship team on the outcomes of the Council of the Society which met in Dublin in October, Superior-General, Fr John Hannan, points to the teaching of Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, as a foundation to the way forward.

In 'SM Bulletin' of Dec 06, he says:


'I am convinced that we are called to sharpen what we understand by our mission in each situation both locally and globally.

'This may mean at all levels having to articulate what we wish to be and to do through our communities and ministries. 

We must define, each individual and community, our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them.

'The sure foundation for such a work is the teaching of our founder Jean-Claude Colin

Following him will lead us individually and as a body to a more secure fidelity to his abiding intuition.

'In this work we are greatly encouraged by the symbols, words and actions of Pope Francis whose witness is so compelling.

'To be a Marist demands great honesty and courage.'



Posted:  Dec 06, 2013