The work of many


Marking the beginning of the Colin Year the launch of on Nov 15, 2012, is the work of many.

The website's numerous contributors include the design and technical staff of 'Catholic Communications' (Sydney Archdiocese), Marist authors and consultants, graphics and language experts and an army of translators from many countries enabling the 'Fr Colin Leaflet' to be available in 50 languages.

During 2013 the site will become available in other languages.


1012-jcc-0412-rome-22b--jcc   1012-jcc-06311-rome-clarkin   1012-jcc-1012-justin-taylor
Above, from left:  In Rome:   Postulator of the Colin Cause, Fr Carlo-Maria Schianchi, webmaster, Fr Ron Nissen and vicar-general, Fr Larry Duffy.     Fr Craig Larkin, consultant on Marist places and themes.     Fr Justin Taylor, Colin biographer.

Below, from left:  In Sydney:  Sydney Archdiocese's Catholic Communciations staff, Vlodek Latanik (graphic deign) and Mark Wei (I.T.).       Cath Comm manager, Selina Hasham, children's illustrator, Noel Myaing, and Vlodek Latanik.

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Posted 15.11.2012
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