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Marist Way for laity

Preparing for a Marist Laity gathering at Bexley, NSW, Australia, Fr Paul Mahony SM used one of the many resources available on the Colin web site: www.jeanclaudecolin.org.0217-PMahony-1-SM-leaflets

He is pictured folding copies of the 'Marist Way' leaflet, containing many of themes from Fr Colin compiled by Fr François Drouilly SM. The leaflet is available in five languages.

More on the Marist way and to download leaflets, click here








0217-PMahony-3 DL-Marist-Way-EN-2-outside


0217-PMahony-4 DL-Marist-Way-EN-3-inside


0217-PMahony-5 DL-Marist-Way-group

Feb 13, 2017