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Biography completed

From Auckland, NZ, Fr Justin Taylor SM happily reports the completion of the definitive biography of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin. He adds that much work still needs to be done before the book can be published.1216-Biog-end-1-0314-TaylorJ-CA-4

The final chapter (29), appropriately titled 'Mission Accomplished', records the last years and days of Fr Colin's life, including his death and burial in the grounds of La Neylière, France.

The completion of this definitive work opens the way for a range of smaller texts and publications benefiting from the research and scholarship of recent years.     Congratulations and thank you, Fr Justin! 





 Below:  Scenes from the final times of the Colin story:  Fr Colin's bedroom where he died   |    The crucifix said to have been placed in his hands at the time of his death   |  The grounds of La Neylière where Fr Colin was first buried   |   Burial place in the newly-built chapel, 1879












Dec 23, 2016