Icon of Jean-Claude Colin

An icon of Jean-Claude Colin and the Blessed Virgin and Child was commissioned by the Superior General of the Marist Fathers, Fr John Hannan SM, to coincide with the renewal of Jean-Claude Colin's Cause for Beatification... (story continues below)


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THE STORY OF THE ICON [courtesy, NZ Marist Province web site]

The icon was commissioned by the Superior General of the Marist Fathers, Fr John Hannan SM,  to coincide with the renewal of Jean-Claude Colin's Cause for Beatification.  It is seen as part of further developing the following that Jean-Claude enjoys.

The icon is the work of the John the Baptist art studio, Auckland, NZ, who specialise in sacred art and iconography.

Michael Pervan, the director of the studio said the icon is steeped in Catholic theology and uses colour and shape to explain the relationship of Mary and Christ and the relationship of Mary to Fr Colin and the Church.

The icon was rendered using all natural products including gold leaf, egg yolk, gypsum, and Italian rabbit skin glue. 'Nothing synthetic was used in rendering the icon,' he said.

Symbolism within the icon is subtle and deep. Of Fr Colin, Pervan took time to point out that he does not yet have a halo is rendered as young and most glorious because he is now forever young, does not have his usual glasses because he is now perfect.

Mr Pervan said the studio thoroughly researched the commission and to do so embarked on a spiritual journey. 'It was a spiritual home-coming for us,' Pervan said.

Before its completion the icon-in-the-making was blessed by Assistant-General, Fr Kevin Duffy SM, when passing through Auckland in Jul 2011. The icon now hangs in the chapel of the General House, 'Monteverde', Rome.