Official Biography of Jean-Claude Colin

Introduction and draft chapters


In 2012 the superior general of the Society of Mary asked Fr Justin Taylor SM to write a new biography of the Jean-Claude Colin. 

April 2016: A draft of the introduction and chapters 14 to 24 (the generalate years) are available and can be downloaded from this page (below).


Download (PDF format): 


Ch 14:  The Challenges of a Superior general (1836-1838)

Ch 15:  The end of the beginning (1839-1840)

Ch 16:  Not so pacific (1840-1842)

Ch 17:  The Watershed (April-September 1842)

Ch 18:  Oceania from 1842 to 1845

Ch 19:  France 1842 to 1845

Ch 20:  Ten years on: 1845-46

Ch 21:  Crises (1847-48)

Ch 22:  New Directions (1848-50)

Ch 23:  Reshaping the Society of Mary (1850-53)

Ch 24:  Resignation (1853-54)


NOTE: Because they are still in a provisional state the available chapters can be used for private circulation only.
No part of it may be quoted or reproduced in any way without the express permission of the author.